Best Material For Event Tent Walls: Vinyl

Tent fabrics form a major part of commercial tents. They are very important considering how necessary it is to ensure the safety of the event, the cost and the purpose of the tent. With that in mind, choosing the tent fabric always goes hand in hand with choosing the best tent for an occasion. With several tent makers and rentals available both online and in your local area, choosing from a wide variety of fabric does not take too much of a hassle.

Types of tent fabrics

Highlighting the purpose of an event, it is easy to understand what kind of fabric to choose and what best suits the equipment. The following is helpful in understanding the pros and cons of different fabric types.

  • Polyester – the middle ground fabric. Considered a durable synthetic fabric for the most standard, care must be taken for reasons and factors such as density, waterproofing and thread count may affect the quality of the material. Lighter than cotton, it can resist wind and sun fading for a period of time.
  • Vinyl – the most commonly used fabric in commercial and rented tents today. It is lightweight, but considerably waterproof and versatile. However, the equipment that it is to be used on should be considered for solid tents may actually pull it apart.
  • Canvas – an eco-friendly and sustainable fabric, canvas is one way to go compared to other synthetics. The composition of canvas provides a sound-proof and a cheap way to heat or cool a reception area in temperate climate. It only costs a lot because of the care needed to deliver and keep the fabric dry from the weather during transport and use.
  • Coated cotton – the heaviest in the group in terms of weight, but still weather resistant. What makes this fabric durable is that it shares many of the attributes of plain cotton, but doesn’t have the natural composition of it. It is weaved with a protective material which provides sound resistance and insulation.

Considering the fabric option for tents

Purchasing the tent fabric requires a quick inspection of the location. If the place and weather is not a problem, vinyl or polyester fabric would do well. They are easy to use and versatile. For a harsher and double-duty need, go for the canvas and the cotton, but they are to be coated well with protective layers to fortify it further and make it last longer in an event.

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